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We did it! 

We did it!! Leaving Duffy Lake, outside of Kamloops, and on the home stretch. What an adventure this has been. We are pretty excited for showers and our king bed. 

See you soon, friends! 

No more rain, please. 

Timmy Ho’s saving this wet morning. Getting tired of the rain, so looks like we are making a run for sunny weather and meeting friends at Duffey Lake.

Update 3!

After a stop at the sign post forest and a tailgate lunch in Watson Lake, Yukon, we were on the road again, this time heading south! At Junction 37 we moved onto Highway 37 and have been driving on it since. This by no means looks like a highway and more so like an ordinary rural road. A road with no shoulders, no lane lines, lots of bumps and loose gravel . It’s a very simple but beautiful highway running through BC. Lots of ‘watch for wildlife’ signs, however we didn’t see much.
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Dawson Creek marks mile zero of the Alaska Highway. Did you know the Alaska highway in an engineering marvel as it was constructed in a mere 9 months! Some sections of the highway have been updated while others look a little neglected with few lines visible and lots of bumps. Of course we took a picture at mile zero in Dawson. Pictures or it didn’t happen.

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Bear Lake camping activities.

He drives all day so in the eve it’s his turn to relax while I make a bug screen!

Big update 1

Due to little reception/service and not caring to be on my phone too much, these blog posts don’t seem to be happening as much as I had originally planned. I think that sort of thing just happens when you travel but also try to keep friends and family up-to-date. regardless, here is an update now!

We left Vancouver on Monday at around 2 PM in the afternoon, a little later than initially anticipated. We hit the road, a familiar one going through Whistler and Pemberton, and began going north! Joe’s best friend, Max, told us about Cottonwood recreation site, just south of Lilloot, so we stopped there for night one. It had about 12 or so camping spots and we found a perfect one right by the river. There were only a couple of other groups there so it was lovely and quiet. The sounds of the river quickly lulled us to sleep.


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I woke up like this.. 

Night one on our road trip we stopped at Cottonwood rec site a bit before Lillooet. This came reccomended from Max and we were very happy spending night one listening to the sounds of the river in full tanquilty. 

Passing through Lillooet now and on to… who knows! BC is our oyster! 

Best wake up in a long time.
Updates will come as get service/reception. Apologies for typeos and what not, not a priority to me. 

The final touches!

We are almost ready to go!

Joe has been putting in continual late nights and weekend days working on this bad Sally and it looks awesome! Pictures to come of exactly what he’s done.

After some finishing touches and a big grocery shop today, we should be ready to head out tomorrow morning!


Navigation skills needed. ASAP.

I suppose by default, I will be taking on the role of navigator during our trip. This worries me for several reasons:

  1. I don’t have the best eyesight.
  2. I seem to confuse my lefts and rights in times of panic…yes I’m 29 and no not just in times of panic.
  3. Without seeing downtown and the North Shore mountains, I have no clue where I am.
  4. Last time I used a legit compass (properly), I was in Brownies.

I can only imagine this is foreshadowing for stories to come..


Trying to absorb map/navigation knowledge similarly to how I studied in university: staring at it… Oh look, a picture!

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